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View and Talk: Enhancing student’s visual literacy and communication skills through the use of pictures and illustrations. (Webinar) Beendet



01.06.2022, 16:00 - 17:00 Uhr


Frau Zoe Grigoriadou


Alle Bundesländer



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View and Talk: enhancing student's visual literacy and communication skills through the use of pictures and illustrations

In today's world of mass media and digital storytelling, students need to be able to make meaning of visuals, understand their content and reflect upon them.

Images are a powerful tool to stimulate each student's imagination and motivate even reluctant learners to talk about the images they see. Each visual has been created with a special purpose in mind and it is about their viewers to find the meaning in conveys and determine its purpose. The students carefully look at the visuals and actively engage themselves in creating their own unique story or infer upon their messages by acquiring various thinking skills.

In the webinar, we will be going on an imaginary virtual tour through a selection of visuals and explore into their meaning by applying thinking skills and strategies. We will be looking at how pictures can be described, how they can be interpreted and how narratives can be told according to the visuals that are shown.

The webinar will be held in English.

Zoe Grigoriadou, teacher, author with Westermann Verlag, member of the advisory board of the Westermann magazine Praxis Englisch, and workshop leader of English Language and Literature in teacher education.

Praxis Englisch
You can talk – focus on speaking
Ausgabe 3/2020 (Juni)
18,00 €