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Writing is not that hard – how to motivate students to write (Webinar) Beendet



27.09.2022, 15:30 - 16:30 Uhr


Frau Zoe Grigoriadou




+49 511 848646910 +49 531 708878764



Writing a text is one of the most challenging tasks students have to fulfill in their English class. Students are often reluctant to write because they either think they have no idea what to write about or feel unease about how to write a specific form of text. In the course of their language learning, students are exposed to a variety of texts according to the learning objectives. They write personal recounts or fictional narrative texts to non-fictional ones.

This webinar will show how students can be inspired and motivated to write different forms of texts to suit their purposes with the help of fictional as well as non-fictional texts.

We will have a closer look at extracts from fictional as well as non-fiction books and we will provide techniques and strategies on how students can be creatively engaged in writing a variety of texts, e.g. writing a postcard, a narrative writing, as well as a descriptive or an instructional text.

In addition, we will develop lists of criteria to match the different varieties of texts that students can use to write their texts with.

These criteria sheets will also support teachers to assess their students.

The webinar will be held in English.

Zoe Grigoriadou, teacher, author, member of the advisory board of the Westermann magazine Praxis Englisch, and workshop leader of English Language and Literature in teacher education.

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