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Impulse Englisch: (Webinar) Beendet



25.11.2022, 16:30 - 18:00 Uhr


Alle Bundesländer




Diese Veranstaltung ist beendet. Suchen Sie ähnliche Veranstaltungen?

Be it in the form of short video clips or feature-length productions, films have become an important text form in English language classrooms and the term film literacy or film competence has found its way into our curricula in Germany. However, due to ongoing digitalization processes, the text form keeps evolving. So do the requirements placed on learners when dealing with films. At the same time, new developments open new opportunities to use films in communicative, immersive, interactive, and highly individualized learning scenarios geared towards the development of film literacy and the participation in film-related discourse.

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore how film literacy may be developed in the digital age by using a four-step progression from experiencing film via conceptualizing and analyzing film to film-related application. To illustrate how this progression may be applied and to provide participants with concrete ideas for classroom use, we will engage with 360° interactive (documentary) films both on a hands-on, practical level and on a conceptual, lesson-planning level to discuss, among other things, the learners’ roles when engaging with films, how language learning might work with films, and why films are great for cultivating discursive and social participation.

Please be prepared to watch short interactive films on your own devices (if possible, bring a second device such as a tablet or smartphone).

This workshop will be held in English.

Referent: Ricardo Römhild

Impulse Englisch