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Download our current catalogue here as a PDF file or browse directly through the online version and discover our varied SCHUBI teaching and learning materials for kindergarten, primary school and special needs. Combined with the products from the well-known brands LÜK, Spectra and Logo this catalogue presents an extensive selection of high quality products in the education sector.

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Pictures for inventing stories

CombiPic promotes linguistic expression and trains the ability to listen. In addition to deductive combination skills and logical thinking, creativity and imagination are required above all. Interesting locations and weather conditions, people and animals, as well as a range of very different objects, are combined and serve as a thread for exciting story-telling. They can be used both in a one-to-one setting as well as for small group work as part of inclusive teaching, targeted intervention, or therapy.
Varied oral, as well as written games and activities, provide exciting entertainment. Appealing story themes encourage the invention and telling of stories. Also suitable for families.
Suitable for: Preschool, first school years, supporting language development, Therapy (children and adults) and as a family game.
Contents: 75 coloured picture cards (9 x 9 cm) including 25 Location / Weather cards, 25 People / Animal cards and 25 Object / Vehicle cards, instructions.
Order no. 978-3-07-210077-9 

Find the differences!

DIFFERENTO trains not only the power of observation, but also numerous other foundation skills such as listening comprehension, spatial orientation, memory and concentration. Because describing the picture details demands precise formulation, verbal skills are intensively facilitated.
The game has been designed to be played by two players, but the discovery of picture differences can also be set as a verbal or written task for an individual child. The challenge is to ask each other questions to find out the different details of a card pair without being able to see each other’s pictures. Every time a difference is discovered, a special playing card with an exclamation mark on one side and a question mark on the other is turned over. The more differences that are discovered, the more exciting the game becomes, because the winner is whoever names the last detail and turns over the last playing card. The number of differences for each card pair can be found on the back of the cards.
Suitable for: age brackets late nursery onwards, school, speech and language therapy.
Contents: 30 pairs of coloured cards with 3 to 8 differences each, 17 playing cards. With instructions.
Order no. 12216
Eight new visual perception games

Figure-ground-perception, visual differentiation, perception of size, shape permanence, but also spatial perception and spatial relationships as well as hand-eye coordination: visual perception plays a central role in early years / preschool intervention programmes and is a prerequisite for developing literacy and numeracy skills during the first two years at school. 
The games series schubi ToGo offersgames which target essential aspects of visual perception. Regardless of whether there are Martians and their UFOs, sail boats or colourful oceanfish: while playing exciting game variations, the children practise recognising, comparing, differentiating and correctly relating shapes, colours, figures, shadows, patterns,mirror images, positions, quantities, numbers and symbols.
Suitable for: children from 4 - 8 years, early intervention (nursery), therapy (Occupational Therapy etc.), integrated additional provision settings (first school years), after-school care, individual and small group (2 - 4 players) intervention 
schubi®ToGo Quantities and Colours

 24 coloured game cards, the same number of UFOs in the same colour combinations and a Martian with the same number of stars in the same colour combination make up a card pair • Instructions.

Order no. 978-3-07-210050-2
schubi®ToGo Patterns and Shapes

Content: 24 coloured game cards, two identical patterns in different colours make up a card pair • Instructions.

Order no. 978-3-07-210051-9
schubi®ToGo Mirror Images

Content: 24 coloured game cards, two wing halves that are identical in shape and colour mix make up a card pair (a butterfly) • Instructions.

Order no. 978-3-07-210052-6
schubi®ToGo Figure and Shadow

Content: 24 coloured game cards, a child figure and its corresponding shadow make up a card pair • Instructions.

Order no. 978-3-07-210053-3
schubi®ToGo Numbers and Quantity

Content: 24 coloured game cards, a number of footballs and a football player with the corresponding number on his football shirt make up a card pair •

Order no. 978-3-07-210054-0
schubi®ToGo Letters and Colours

Content: 24 coloured game cards, two boats in the same colours or two different coloured boats but with the same letter on the sail make up a card pair •

Order no. 978-3-07-210055-7
schubi®ToGo Quantity - Patterns - Shapes

Content: 24 coloured game cards, the same number of the same shape of fish with the same pattern make up a card pair • Instructions.

Order no. 978-3-07-210075-5
schubi®ToGo Right-Left-Top-Bottom

Content: 24 coloured game cards, the same coloured flowers at the same level in the grass make up a card pair • Instructions.

Order no. 978-3-07-210076-2