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, founded in 1891, is a traditional Swiss publishing house - member of WestermannGroup, Germany -, which develops high-quality support and training material for primary schools and special education as well as for the kindergarten and preschool sector. The focus of our publishing program is on self-regulated educational games, picture stories, templates and worksheets, practice books, as well as learning and training materials for special educational needs.
Combined with the products from the well-known brands LÜK, Spectra and Logo we offer an extensive selection of high quality products in the education sector.

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NEW: SCHUBITRIX video GERMAN with subtitles
English, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish
ABACO – the calculating devices with the super roll!

Abaco 20 tricolor, red/blue
Order no. 22408
Abaco 100 model A, red/blue
Order no. 22433
Abaco 100 tricolor, red/blue
Order no. 22448
Abaco 1x1
Order no. 22427
ABACO tricolor – explained in video:
This is how the popular counting and calculating frames work. NEW with french subtitles: 
Ihr Gerät unterstützt die Wiedergabe dieses Videos leider nicht.
NEW: ABACO video with more subtitles
French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish
Avec sous-titres français
Z polskimi napisami
Con sottotitoli in italiano
Con subtítulos en español
Nederlandse ondertiteling
Med danske undertekster
Improving language skills with picture stories!
Sir James
Humorous stories
Order no. 12016
And then…?
Box 1
Order no. 12010
Before, after – and in between?
Simple picture sequences
Order no. 12070
Tell me about it!
Sequences from everyday life
Order no. 12018
Nikitin Material – visual perception and logical thinking
Nikitin Pattern Cubes (N1)
Order no. 

Nikitin Uni-Cubes (N2)

Order no. 
Nikitin Squares (N3)

Order no.
Nikitin Geo-Cubes (N5)

Order no. 
Learning Games: learning maths, perception and language through play
SCHUBITRIX Mathematics 
Addition and Subtraction up to 100
Order no. 23960
SCHUBITRIX Mathematics
Multiplication/ Division up to 100
Order no. 23972
Visual perception – Great fun for children of all ages!
Order no. 71406
Collection of games for oral motor skills and myofunctional therapy
Order no. 13160