“Keeping it real”: 2Pac in the EFL classroom

Hip hop as African-American life-writing: Understanding “Dear Mama” as an autobiographical text

Beitrag aus Praxis Englisch - Ausgabe 4/2019 (August)


Produktnummer OD200041014794
Schulfach Englisch
Klassenstufe 9. Schuljahr bis 13. Schuljahr
Seiten 9
Erschienen am 01.08.2019
Dateigröße 54,2 kB
Dateiformat PDF-Dokument
AutorInnen Lukas Preuß
Verlag Westermann


Hip hop, a distinctly African-American art form that oscillates between music and poetry is not only, as Adam Bradley observes "the most streamed genre of music […] across the globe" (2017, xxv), but also, without doubt, one of the most popular forms of life-writing among learners of English as a foreign language. For many young Germans, hip hop, with its demand for authenticity and "keeping it real" and its often broad and elaborate narratives of "life in the hood," may indeed function just as much as a source of intercultural and foreign language learning as their regular English class.

Schlagworte: listening comprehension, African-American experience, Life writing

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