Apple versus FBI: A Battle over the Future of Security?

- Englisch / Politik ab Klasse 9

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Produktnummer OD000001013010
Schulfach Englisch, Politik
Klassenstufe 9. Schuljahr bis 11. Schuljahr
Seiten 2
Erschienen am 08.03.2016
Dateigröße 235,4 kB


The tech giant Apple has won the support of other businesses, security experts and the United Nations in its attempt to stop the FBI getting hold of encrypted information held on the phone of Syed Farook, the San Bernardino gunman. Students learn about both sides of the Apple vs FBI argument and put the landmark dispute over a locked iPhone and the security weakening measures the security services want the iOS maker to take to help it extract data on the device in the wider context of the future of cybersecurity for everyone.
- ab Klasse 9 -

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